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We at ATW Fachübersetzungen GmbH have specialised in providing individual translations and interpretation services for more than a decade and welcome you to our website.

We offer you translation and interpretation services for all areas in 150 languages.

The professional use of special software with uniform terminology management and automatic detection and translation of repeated text passages can cut cost dramatically and at the same time improve the quality of the translation.

Our customers can confirm this.

Economy and commerce

Would you like a translation that takes into account the different requirements of your sector in terms of terminology, style and localization? Without doubt, an...

Industry and technology

Technology demands the highest precision and strict compliance with processes, procedures, instructions and norms. The slightest deviation can have...

Law and public authorities

Translators of legal texts need to be well versed not only with the different legal terminology. The linguistic laws governing style are no less important. This is...

Private documents

We translate in over 150 languages; so the language you need is surely among them. We also produce translations from one foreign language into another foreign language, e.g. from Amharic into...

We are DIN 2345 certified!

In addition, our translation process is based on ISO 9001.

Interpretation services and equipment

Are you planning an international conference, trade fair or exhibition? Or do you want to conduct negotiations with your foreign business partner? We will provide you with an interpreter who is qualified in your field quickly and without fuss….


The prices of our translations depend on the language pairs, the text type and the level of difficulty of the text. We therefore ask that you send your documents to us by e-mail or fax and let us know specific details relating to the text to be translated. On this basis, we will then submit a free offer to you. This offer can be submitted in the form of a fixed price or a line price.


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